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Do I Really Need To Use Beard Oil? Our Expert Opinion

The popularity of growing beards has exploded in recent years.

The number of men who have made the decision to grow thick facial hair, possibly as a fashion statement, appears to have skyrocketed.

In fact, it's estimated that over 50% of men have facial hair of some kind, and with such enormous numbers, maintaining a beard in good condition has become just as important as visiting the barbershop for the hair on our heads.

Nevertheless, if you're currently in the process growing your beard out, you could be asking yourself if there is anything you could do to help.

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You may have heard someone advise you to buy and use beard oil, or you may have seen a commercial for it.

You've given it some thought, and you're now debating whether you should use beard oil.

In this article, we'll examine what beard oil is, what's its purpose, who benefits from it, why, and, possibly, some of its disadvantages.

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What Is Beard Oil

So what is beard oil? Basically beard oil is a beard care product that you apply to the skin beneath your beard to keep the skin moisturised and hydrated and healthy.

The two primary components of beard oil, which is often sold in small 1 oz or 2 oz bottles, are as follows:

Carrier Oils: Carrier oils make up most of the beard oil blend and are known as the "moisturising foundation" of a beard oil. These oils are Jojoba, Argan and Almond oil to name a few.

Then you have...

Essential Oils: Essential oils are used in beard oils to help the brand or company enhance their product with a particular scent. Examples of essential oils are Sandalwood, Cedar and Sweet Orange. 

Many general store sells beard oil, and some barbershops also sell it. If all else fails, you may buy them online.

Some people believe the best beard oil are pricey, but that simply isn't true. You don't always get what you pay for, anyone can print "all-natural" or "premium" on their packaging.

In order to know if a beard oil is good value for money, check out the quantity (30ml or 60ml) and quality of the ingredients (natural ingredients and added Vitamin E).

What Does Beard Oil Do

So now we know what beard oil is, let's dive into what does beard oil do. 

Beard oil's main objective is to help hydrate and moisturise the skin underneath your beard while also giving your facial hair a more moisturised appearance.

When you grow your beard out, it is important that your facial hair is provided with good nutrition and moisture.

As your facial hair gets longer, the hair pulls the skins natural oil (sebum) away from the skin which dries the skin out, therefore it is vital that you replace the lost moisture. 

If you don't then you'll notice your beard will start to become dry and dull-looking, often leading to split-ends and a curly beard.

One major reason why new beard growers end up giving up on growing their beard is when it starts to look like this.

Thankfully, the hydration and nutrients your beard and skin requires are provided by beard oil, helping you maintain a healthy and hydrated beard. 

Dandruff is a common problem when your skin becomes dry, so by keeping it healthy and moisturised, you lower your chances of suffering from them white flaky pieces of skin. 

You may also notice your beard becomes quite itchy when you grow it out, beard oil will help reduce the itch and help make the process more comfortable. 

We all want to smell good also, right? The most underrated benefit of beard oil is that it can make your face smell fantastic. Provided you purchase a scented beard oil. 

Disadvantages Of Beard Oil

The idea that beard oil can apparently encourage the growth of your facial hair is a widespread misconception.

Your ability to grow a beard will mostly depend on your genetics and the level of testosterone in your body.

Another myth is that it will make your beard appear thicker, which is untrue as well.

Although it does not thicken the hair, it can rehydrate the follicles to keep them from appearing dull, thus there is some validity to the claim that it alters appearance.

The way your beard looks will mostly depend on lifestyle decisions like nutrition and activity.

A product that can help your beard looking fuller is beard balm, the reason being the nutty-butters than are present in beard balms and not beard oils.

One of most important things to keep in mind is that beard oil cannot clean your beard.

You'll need to use a shampoo designed specifically for your beard to cleanse your facial hair.

Now we know the disadvantages of beard oil, let's take a look at the beard oil benefits you will gain.

Beard Oil Benefits

The main advantages of beard oil are for the skin underneath your beard.

The moisturising and nourishing qualities of the essential and carrier oils can help you avoid problems like dandruff and beard itch.

Naturally, it's necessary to take care of your skin, and beard oil could be the solution if you've tried to grow a beard in the past but have always given up because of these problems.

Also, keep in mind that the beard oil can give your beard a fantastic scent!

Does The Use Of Beard Oil Have Any Negative Effects?

There aren't many drawbacks or disadvantages to using a quality natural beard oil, and if you're not negatively impacted by them, the benefits much exceed the drawbacks.

The cost comes first. You will need to keep up with the product's costs if you intend to regularly purchase any new products. Luckily, a good beard oil doesn't cost an arm and a leg, plus 30ml of beard oil will last you a couple months. 

The use of beard oil by some individuals has resulted in allergic responses, which can lead to skin disorders like hives, rashes, burning, and skin redness. Therefore, if you suffer from sensitive skin, try to stay away from the scented versions and purchase unscented versions like our Simple Man Beard Oil.

Who Could Benefit From The Use Of Beard Oil? 

Actually, anyone with a beard can use beard oil and gain the benefits it offers.

Those who want to grow a beard could use beard oil to help make sure their beard grows healthy as it gets longer. 

Even if your beard is long or if you are an "experienced" beards-men, you can still apply beard oil and experience the benefits quickly.

Who Wouldn't Gain The Benefits Of Beard Oil

Although it may seem obvious, women. There is no benefit to using beard oil as a face moisturizer, as some ladies have been doing, believe it or not!

Before using beard oil, anyone with skin issues should consult their doctor. Beard oil might not work for you if you have a skin condition and there is always the possibility of making the condition worse.

How Often Should I Use Beard Oil

Theoretically, it doesn't matter; you can use beard oil as frequently as you like!

But after taking a shower, when your skin and beard are damp and clean, is the optimum time to apply beard oil.

When going about your day, it's a good idea to have a bottle of beard oil in case your beard starts to feel dry or scratchy (often due to environmental conditions).

Apply the beard oil as soon as you have the chance to do so if this occurs.

How To Apply Beard Oil

If your facial hair is particularly lengthy, massage the oil as near to your skin as you can and comb or brush the beard oil through the beard to distribute it evenly.

Additionally, you should put 3-4 drops of the beard oil from the bottle onto your hands before rubbing them together to warm the oil up a little, then message it into your skin and facial hair.

You should start to experience the advantages of the beard oil soon!

What Kind Of Beard Oil Should I Use?

This depends on you,

You should consult a doctor or dermatologist about your alternatives if you have a specific allergy or skin condition, but you can frequently find alternative beard oils that will work for you.

You are free to choose if you don't have any allergies or medical issues. Perhaps you wish to purchase an environmentally friendly product that hasn't been subjected to animal testing.

Perhaps you desire a particular scent? Shop around, is the advise!

Do I Need Beard Oil?

So do i need beard oil? Actually not at all. However, it is strongly advised to keep your beard and the skin beneath hydrated, healthy and irritation-free which beard oil can help with.

The phrase "need it" is too strong; not utilizing it won't hurt you.

If you want great information regarding how to grow a beard, check out our popular How To Grow A Beard: Our Best Tips blog post.

We hope you found our do i need to use beard oil article helpful and insightful. 

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