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cool beard styles for men

Cool Beard Styles You Should Try

If you are a bearded guy who is looking to take their beard to the next level in 2021 or perhaps an un-bearded guy looking to start taking 2021 by storm by growing a cool beard style, then you are on the right article.
Not only are we going to explain to you what you need in order to grow that cool beard, but we are also going to show you some very cool beard styles for inspiration. 
cool beard styles
With each passing year, beards are becoming more and more popular, for many different reasons. Some men just cannot be bothered to shave anymore, whilst others may believe they look better without that baby face. 
Many men try to grow a beard style they see in magazines or on the big screen, but few are able to pull it off in real life.
Simply put, some men are not willing to put the work in and are not interested in investing into the proper beard care products and tools they need, because they feel they are a scam.
Which is certainly not the case!
Every beard care product has its place in a beard grooming routine, and each product offers benefits for different aspects of your beard.
For example, beard oil is used to moisturise the skin beneath your beard. The skin beneath your beard is naturally fragile and its health is vital if you want a strong, healthy beard.
Beard balm however, is for your facial hair. The butters that are included in a beard balm, condition and soften your facial hair, making them easier to manage and style.
A beard looks best when it’s well-groomed and styled in an authentic way, not in an artificial manner. The goal of this blog post is to help you grow your own cool beard style that will make heads turn in any room you walk into!
Growing a beard doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of your skin and hair. With proper care, you can grow and maintain healthy facial hair for years to come.
Using beard oil will ensure that your beard stays strong, shiny, and itch-free; these products are packed with natural oils like Jojoba and Argan which help keep the skin beneath your beard moisturised, soothed and healthy, which in return, will improve the health of your facial hair. I would recommend every bearded man who is skeptical about beard oil to look at the benefits of using beard oil.
A good beard balm with shea butter will give you just enough styling control without making your beard look too forced. The beeswax will help hold it in place throughout the day while giving you some protection from excess moisture and wind; ideal for those with curly or wavy facial hair that tends to frizz up quickly. I recommend that you take a look at how to use beard balm correctly if you don't know much about this amazing beard care product.
Still want some tips for growing and maintaining a cool beard style?
Take care of your beards hygiene! Just like you wash your face, and head hair, you’ll want to wash your beard using the correct product. Using shampoos and conditioners that were designed for beards will help keep it looking great and irritation free. 
A dirty beard is one of the most common reasons for beard itch, flaky skin, beard acne and so on.
We recommend washing it at least twice per week, but depending on how much dirt, grime and grease your beard is exposed to on a daily basis, you may want to wash it more often. 
For washing your beard, we highly recommend a beard wash! Many bearded men ask me "what is beard wash" and why is it different to head hair shampoos and bar soaps. Well these two products contain ingredients that are too strong for your facial hair and the skin beneath your beard. These strong ingredients will strip your beard and skin of its moisture which will cause your beard to become dry, dull and brittle. Something you don't want if you want a cool beard style. 
Take good care of your beard by developing a daily beard grooming routine that you follow on a regular basis. The routine doesn't have to take you long, in fact you can complete a good beard grooming routine within 5 minutes. A good beard grooming routine will ensure that your beard looks great, feels soft and is healthy.
This routine involves washing your beard with a quality beard wash, oiling the skin beneath your beard daily using a quality beard oil, applying beard balm on dry areas of your beard, and getting it trimmed once a week to keep split-ends at bay.
Just as with any other body part, if you look after your facial hair properly it will look good on its own without having to style it too much. If done correctly, your beard should grow into a cool beard style that's worth turning heads for.

Cool Beard Styles For Men


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