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Beard Styles The Ladies Will Love

Women love beards, that is basically a women law.
From stubble to a long beard, women love them all, provided they are well looked after!
It goes without saying that maintaining a well-groomed beard can make the difference between looking like a hippy to a dapper looking gentleman. The way you take care of your beard has an impact on how it feels, looks, and smells, as well as how healthy and moisturized it is.
If you don't have a strategy for maintaining a great, healthy looking beard, you'll wind up looking like a Robin Williams at the beginning of Jumanji!
In order to stay clear of the Jumanji look, we recommend you invest in at least two of the following beard care products:
  • A Beard Shampoo
  • A Natural Beard Oil
  • A Natural Beard Balm

You just need to use two of the following items, a high-quality beard wash and beard oil, if you have stubble or a short beard.

A quality beard wash and beard balm if you sport a medium to long beard.

Here is how you can put all three products together in a beard grooming routine that'll take at most, 3-5 minutes each morning. 

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Step 1. Cleanse Your Beard

Beard Wash: Is it truly necessary, or is it a scam?

When it comes to beard wash, this is a question we hear quite a bit.

We'd like to ask you a question.

Would you use shower gel to wash your head hair?

I imagine the majority of you wouldn't.

Why? Simply put, shower gel is made for the skin on our bodies, not the hair on our head, as you are aware.

We could flip this and ask:

Would you wash your body with hair shampoo?

I believe we can all agree that we wouldn't.

So why would you wash your beard with shampoo meant for head hair?

Let me dive a little deeper for you;

Our facial hair differs from the hair on our heads. In comparison to the hair and skin on our heads, our facial hair and the skin beneath are much more delicate and sensitive.

Our head hair and skin can withstand the harsh chemicals found in typical store-bought hair shampoos, but neither our facial hair nor the skin underneath our beards can.

So what happens if you wash your beard with hair head shampoo?

Most of the natural oils from the skin beneath our beards as well as the natural oils in our beard hairs are stripped away by the shampoo's chemicals.

There is no moisture left after the skin and beard hairs have had their natural oils stripped away, which dries out the beard and damages both the skin beneath it and the hair follicles, leading to at the very least, beard dandruff and irritation.

As the conditions for beard growth depend on natural oils and hydration, which won't be there any longer owing to the chemicals drying up your skin, your beard growth will significantly slow down.

I hope you can see now why beard wash is such an important beard care product. 

Similar to your typical head hair shampoos, a beard wash is made to give your beard a thorough cleanse by removing grime, dirt, and excess skin cells.

However, unlike head hair shampoo, a beard wash is not made to strip your beard and skin of natural oils, preventing your beard from drying out or becoming damaged.

For the general wellbeing of our skin and beard, we require the skins natural oils.

A hydrated beard is a happy beard, and a happy beard is a healthy beard.

Make sure the beard wash you choose contains ingredients that provide excellent benefits, like those in our Beard Beasts Beard Wash. Our beard wash includes organic chamomilla extract, pro-vitamin B5, and aloe vera extract, all of which are known to reduce inflammation, boost moisture, and calm irritated skin.

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Step 2: Beard Oil

Most men misunderstand beard oil.

They believe beard oil is for the facial hairs, when in fact this liquid gold is for the skin underneath your facial hair.

The skin beneath your beard produces a natural oil called Sebum, which plays a very important role in your beards health. 

As your facial hair grows, the hairs pull the sebum away from the skin, where it is needed the most.

As a result, the skin beneath your beard will begin to dry-out and become unhealthy.

This is why many bearded men suffer from problems such as dryness, beard itch, beardruff (also known as dandruff), and other irritations. 

We should avoid having dry skin under our beards because it stunts beard growth and makes the beard unattractive.

Beard growth slows down and our facial hairs lack the proper nutrition they need if the skin is deficient in the minerals and oils it needs.

There isn't no way of stopping your facial hair pulling the sebum away from the skin, so the next best thing is to replace the sebum for our skins health. This is where beard oil comes into play, as it replicates the job of sebum. 

Therefore, every bearded brother has to have a premium beard oil in his grooming arsenal.

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Step 3: Beard Balm

Naturally, you want your facial hair to appear nice and healthy, and a beard balm is the best product to use for that.

This is truly a fantastic all-purpose beard care product. 

The nutty butters and carrier oils that beard balms include, offer fantastic deep conditioning capabilities that will soften your beard hairs by permeating your beard hair strands and providing the facial hair with all types of excellent vitamins.

As the main ingredients in beard balms are typically nutty butters and beeswax, Balms are thick in consistency that allows you to style your beard. Therefore, a beard balm can control all those stray hairs that poke out from the sides of your beard much better.

A beard balm will help you control the waves and curls if your beard is naturally curly or wavy by deeply nourishing the hair, which will encourage it to relax and straighten out.

Therefore, a good beards-men will always have an excellent beard balm in his arsenal. 

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