25 Beard Grooming Tips You Ought To Know

25 Beard Grooming Tips You Ought To Know

Beard grooming takes some time to not only get used too but also forming it into a daily routine. It takes on average around 66 days for a behavior to form into a habit, so consistency is key when it comes to forming a beard grooming routine. 

A beard is not just some facial hairs to brag about, It is a lifestyle choice, as it is an extension of ones personality and character. 

Beards grow naturally, there is no magic pill that will make you wake up with a beard like a greek god. Just as there is no magic pill that makes your body look like a Roman or Viking warrior. 

There is however, methods and products that you can use, which can help stimulate some new beard growth and make it grow a little quicker. 

Here are some effective and useful beard grooming tips that will help you speed the growth of your beard up a little bit and also help you care for your beard more.

1. In the first 4-8 weeks you should not trim your beard, you want your beard to grow evenly first prior to shaping and trimming.

2. Match your beard style with the shape of your head. This will give you a good look and will not distort your face shape.  

3. Washing your beard with a beard shampoo is super important for removing dirt and grime without stripping your beard hair and the skin beneath of its natural oils.

4. After washing your beard, is it important to moisturise your beard and the skin beneath to stop it from drying out. Use either a leave-in beard conditioner (which can be a beard balm) or a Beard oil.

5. Beard oil is actually designed for the skin beneath your beard, not your actual facial hairs. 

6. When investing in a beard trimmer, make sure it is a high quality trimmer. The cuts are cleaner on your facial hairs and quality trimmers last for years, unlike cheap ones. 

7. To moisturise your beard and stimulate growth use an all-natural beard balm.

8. If you want a soft feel and slight shine to your beard, use an all-natural beard balm.

9. Don't skip out on exfoliating. It is important for your beard growth and overall beard and skin health to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliate twice a month. 

10. Eating proteins such as fish and eating a lot of fruit and vegetables will help stimulate the growth of your beard. 

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11. Hot showers will dry out your beard, which will make your beard coarse and unruly. You can either lower your shower temperature or use a beard balm or beard oil, as soon as you get out the shower to replace the moisture. 

12. Apply beard oil and beard balms on a slightly damp beard, it will help lock in the moisture for better hydration. 

13. Trim a beard when you have shaped the style you want using products. This will make sure you don't trim too much off.

14. All natural beard balms contain healthy butters and oils that will encourage your beard to grow quicker. 

15. If you use a beard brush or comb, be sure to wash it well after every use as you do not want it to build up with excess oils, dirt, grime and dead skin cells. 

16. Never use plastic combs for your beard as they will cause damage to your facial hair. Instead use a handmade wooden beard comb or a boar's brush.

17. Treat beard itch with a high-quality beard oil. Massage the oil into the skin beneath the beard, not the facial hairs. 

18. Be careful when trimming your beard, Many men trim too far up the neckline. You should aim for just above your Adam's Apple. 

19. Only use a 2 or 3 drops of beard oil. If you over-do it with beard oil, you'll end up clogging your pores, which will cause ache and ingrown hairs. 

20. Only use high-quality beard products. Cheap products tend to be filled with fillers and even silicone in some cases, which end up causing more harm than good to your beard and the fragile skin beneath the beard. 

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21. Always read the label of a beard product. ALWAYS! They may say they are all-natural on the front but that doesn't mean they are. 

22. Beardruff which is commonly known as beard dandruff, is usually caused by dry skin under your beard. To treat, use a quality beard oil and work it into the skin. 

23. When growing a beard, resist trimming it, but do cut away any stray hairs that are longer than the rest using some quality scissors. 

24. If you have a long beard, avoid heat straighteners. They tend to dry your beard out quickly. 

25. If you do use a beard straightener, make sure it is a high quality straightener. Many cheap straighteners on Amazon are made without quality in China. 

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