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Beard Grooming Mistakes That Beard Newbies Make

Beard Grooming Mistakes That Beard Newbies Make

When you begin growing your beard, remember that proper beard grooming is essential. No one can just grow a beard and expect it to look healthy, hydrated and glorious by itself. Beard grooming starts the day you decide that you are going to grow an awesome beard.

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As you begin to go from clean shaven to stubble (phase 1 of growing a beard), you will need to make sure the skin beneath the stubble is constantly moisturized, as that will stop your beard become unruly, coarse and spiky as it grows further.

Beard grooming helps you to manage your beard better as it gets longer in length and helps maintain a high level of good health and hydration within your hair strands.

Now when grooming a beard. You can only groom a clean beard. Now some of you might be thinking "I know this" but honestly, you would be extremely surprised at the amount of people who don't.

So many bearded brothers, especially beginners, ignore the basic hygiene of their beard. The lack of cleanliness and hygiene of a beard is one of the biggest mistakes men make with their beard. 

So if you are someone who is guilty of poor beard hygiene, I would suggest you get to work and start looking after your beard properly. From day one, it is important to look after your beard and the skin beneath it.

You need to make sure that your beard does not become a place full of dirt, grime and dead skin cells.

We advise that you use a specially formulated beard shampoo/wash for your beard, as they are strong enough to remove dirt, debris etc but they are not harsh enough to strip the hairs and the skin beneath of their natural oils.

Typical store-bought shampoos intended for your head hair will end up destroying your facial hair and the skin beneath, as they strip away the natural oils, which will leave your beard and skin very dry, which will cause problems such as itchiness and other irritations. 

You will find that your beard will become so dry, it will literally pull you towards the window every time it rains for some exposure to moisture. 

That is how important moisture is to your beard.

It is also important to pair a quality beard shampoo with a beard conditioner, as after you wash your beard, you are going to need to supply the beard with some quality moisturizing properties.

Personally, I prefer a beard balm as they double up as a leave-in conditioners. You only want to use a beard balm as a leave-in beard conditioner if it only contains all-natural ingredients and doesn't contain fillers and whole bunch of crap which many do. 

We designed our premium beard balm using only the best all-natural ingredients which are proven to benefit facial hair.

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Here's another BIG mistake.

Another big mistake, many bearded brothers make, especially beginners, is that they comb their beard with a comb that they haven't washed prior to using.

Sounds an obvious thing, but most bearded guys don't wash their beard brush or comb after using it.

Now think of this...You apply beard oil to a dirty beard, you then comb the oil through your beard. All the dirt and grime in your beard is being collected by that comb, you then put it down, until the next morning. You get ready for work or the day ahead. You pick up that same beard comb and comb your beard again. Not cool!

All the dirt, grime and dead skin cells that comb collected the day(s) before, you are putting straight back into your beard. Pretty disgusting right? Yet so many men do it. 

Don't be one of them men!!

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