How To Maintain An Awesome Beard

How To Maintain An Awesome Beard

Beard Care: How to Maintain an Awesome Beard

Maintaining an awesome and well-defined beard can bring out more character and artistic desires.

You can be a head turner once a healthy and fresh looking beard is maintained.

But behind this good-looking and highly attractable beard, there are reasons and tips that you need to follow to maintain its health.

These reasons can serve as a stepping stone for other men who plan to start their beard journey.

Wash The Beard Regularly With A Beard Wash/Shampoo

Washing the beard regularly can help in taking away the dirt and any other harmful particles that might be present in the beard.

Regular washing of the beard can also help avoid any potential lice infestation.

When washing and cleaning the beard, use a beard shampoo and not your standard shampoo you use on your head hair.

These shampoos are too harsh for your beard hair as it is a different type of hair, compared with the hair on your head and body.

Head hair shampoos will also dry your beard out, leaving it brittle. Beard shampoos are not expensive and are a great investment. Make sure to cover the whole beard with a refreshing and healthy beard shampoo to guarantee its total cleanliness, without drying it out.

We recommend this beard wash called Buck Ridge Sandalwood Premium Beard Wash. This beard wash is a plant based beard wash, filled with excellent ingredients like Aloe Aloe Vera Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5. This beard wash will cleanse your beard of any dirt, grime and dead skin cells lurking in your beard. It also contains ingredients that help to add moisture to your beard, leaving it feeling clean and fresh. 

Keep The Beard Conditioned And Hydrated

The application of healthy conditioners and treatments to the beard can help in achieving a well conditioned beard.

It can help in maintaining the health of the beard without suffering from any itchiness, irritations or dandruff.

Keeping the beard hydrated can be done by an all-natural beard balm which can also act as a leave-in conditioner.

Beard balms contain butters and essential oils that provide minerals and nutrients to your beard and the skin beneath the beard, making the facial hairs both strong and healthy.

We Recommend Buck Ridge Premium Beard Balm. The organic sunflower oil and shea butter blend create a beard balm that moisturizes and conditions your beard, preventing dry itchy skin and ingrown hairs. 

maintain a beard using this quality beard balm

Trim the Neckline

Beard hair can extend to the higher parts of your cheeks as well as right down your neck depending on its growing processes and pattern.

One of the favourite spots of a beard to grow is the neck. This area is a good place for a beard to lose control and become a little wild, as the neck area is cooler and refreshing due to it being hidden from the sun UV rays and other day to day elements.

Trimming the neckline’s growing facial hair can help in maintaining the prescribed size and appearance. It can also save these facial hairs from excessive sweating, which can turn to a smelly and dirty neckline, which isn't too attractive. 

When trimming your neckline, trim the beard up to just above your Adams Apple, any higher will distort the look of your beard. 

Trim the Beard

On the outer and much more visible facial hair located on the chin and jawline of a man, regular trimming of the beard can help in maintaining a fresher and cleaner look.

Trimming the beard can open lots of changes such as a new and fresher look, cleaner look, plus more. Trimming the beard can be done through the use of scissors or electronic trimmers for a better and faster quality trimming.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

As a famous line had stated about health, what we eat defines who and what we are. Promoting a healthy lifestyle can benefit not only the body but also the beard.

Beards grow through nutrients and minerals present in a particular food being consumed.

Following a healthy and balanced diet and performing regular exercise can help in achieving a healthier life and beard.

Avoid eating fried greasy foods as the nutrient level is very low and you could cause an acne breakout, which will lead to a poorer quality of beard hair, and a weaker body.

Instead, consuming fruits, vegetables, and nutritious food will be of great help. 

To increase beard growth, you should consume foods rich in Biotin, these foods include, egg yolks, nuts and seeds, fish and more. 

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