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4 Beard Grooming Myths That Are Total BS!

4 Beard Grooming Myths That Are Total BS!

Good morning bearded brothers, I hope you are kicking ass today at work, the gym or whatever you do in your day! 

We are back with another Beard Beasts article.

The one thing you can rely on when you have a beard grooming business, is many emails that contain many different questions on beard grooming. 

Every now and then, I like to do an article where I answer the most common questions sent in.

Recently we have been asked a lot of questions regarding beard straighteners, if you need to use beard grooming products and more...

So I have decided to answer them once and for all in this article for you.

Lets not waste anymore time and jump straight into this article 4 Beard Grooming Myths That Are Total BS!

Are Beard Straighteners And Hair Dryers Safe For Your Beard? 

This is one of the most debatable questions in beard grooming for the past year or two. I have answered this question before on a previous article, but I will answer it again today and the answer is simply NO

I know some of you will debate what I have to say on this matter, but this is my opinion and you are certainly entitled to yours. 

Why do I think beard straighteners and hair dryers are NOT safe for your beard?

Simply put, I am a big believer that you don't put something on your beard that isn't designed for your beard and although the name "Beard Straighteners" would have you believe they are designed for your beard...they are not!

If you use beard straighteners over a period of time, you'll find your beard hairs will dry out like the Sahara Desert.

That will leave your facial hair extremely brittle and damaged.

Using a hairdryer on hot heat would have the same effect. 

What are the two things women suffer from using hair straighteners?

Dryness and split ends.

Head hair is stronger than beard hair, beard hair is more fragile. So if hair straighteners cause dryness, brittle hair and split ends on head hair, what do you think it will do to your beard hairs? Nothing good that's for sure!

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you can't EVER use them, but use them sparingly. I know beard straighteners have become somewhat of a beard trend but all I am saying is just be careful with them and don't over-do it. 

Do I Really Need To Use Beard Care Products?

I know there are people out there who don't believe you need beard oils, balms, washes etc...they believe these products are gimmicks and a waste of money.

I remember one person who referred to beard oil as p**sy juice, which to be honest, I found amusing. 

Now do you need these products for beard growth? No you do not, your beard will still grow without them.

But the quality of the beard, will not be as good.

You will suffer major dryness to the beard and the skin beneath. You'll also suffer some major beard itch, dandruff and other irritations to the beard.

These beard grooming products are designed to help your beard become more healthy and offer it protection. 

Beard oils are designed with with quality carrier oil that help moisturize and supply nutrients to the skin beneath your beard.

The awesome nutrients supplied via a quality beard oil, not only creates a healthy beard but it also improves beard growth. 

They also protect your beard from dryness, beard itch, dandruff and other common beard irritations.

Therefore, you shouldn't dismiss a quality beard oil, as short term and long term they will help prevent you from suffering beard related beard problems.

Do Beard Growth Pills And Supplements Work?

In short, No!

There may be some that do offer a little bit of a boost in beard growth, but the truth is, most of the expensive pills are BS. 

Many of these supplements are majorly over-priced and offer barely any results.

The best compound found to help boost beard growth is biotin, which you can find in foods, such as eggs, nuts, sweet potatoes, bananas and broccoli.

Most of us most-likely eat these foods on a day to day basis anyway, so in terms of biotin, we most-likely eat more in food a day, than what most of these supplements add to their magic pills. 

So would I recommend these magic beard growth pills? You guessed it...No.

I'm not saying none of these products offer you help in beard growth but the majority of them don't or offer very little in results. 

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Faster And Thicker?

No! It's literally as simple as that. It's nothing more than an old wives tale. 

I remember hearing "If you shave your beard, it will grow quicker and thicker" when I was 14 and like many, I bought into it.

After a while, I started to think it was BS and it surely was. 

There is not a single piece of evidence to suggest this old wives tale is true.

Your beard will not grow no quicker nor thicker.

If you shave over and over again. All you will end up doing is delaying your beard growth, so if you follow this old wives tale, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but put the razor down and let your genes and testosterone do there thing. 

That pretty much wraps up this article. I hope this article has been of use to you and you enjoyed it. Until next time my bearded brothers, stay safe and keep working towards your goals and dreams!

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