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4 beard grooming mistakes you are making with your beard

4 Beard Grooming Mistakes You Are Making With Your Beard

Welcome to our article which is part of our beard grooming mistakes series. 

As soon as you stop shaving, growing a beard becomes easy. However, growing an awesome beard and maintaining it, is not quite as simple. Which is why it is important that you stop making these 4 beard grooming mistakes you are most likely making. 

a man with some beard grooming mistakes

1. Using Poor Quality Products

The first beard grooming mistake is using poor quality beard grooming products. Your beard will reflect the quality you are feeding it. Now this goes for beard grooming products as well as your diet.

Therefore, you should care about what you are fuelling your beard with. Products are very important due to the ingredients being absorbed not only by your facial hair but also the skin beneath.

Any product that contains alcohol or any harsh chemicals should be avoided. There are many products that even contain silicone which you 100% want to avoid.

These products can cause harm to your facial hair and your skin, which will lead to some uncomfortable irritation and will cause your beards growth speed and health to be affected. 

Any product you use for your beard, should contain only high quality all-natural ingredients.

When you use products that contain only high quality ingredients, you will notice the difference. These ingredients contain many benefits to your beard and skin, from providing nutrients to stopping beard itch and other beard related irritations. 

What ever country you buy your products from, always look at the ingredients prior to using.

You should only want to use high quality products on your face and beard. 

Many people tend to go cheap on beard oils for example and although there are quality beard oils that are cheap, there are many that are cheap and full of rubbish. Just because the front of the bottle says "all-natural" or "no fillers", it doesn't actually mean that's true, which is why you should always look on the ingredients label. 

a great beard without any beard grooming mistakes

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2. Washing Your Beard With Bar Soaps Or Head Hair Shampoos

The second beard grooming mistake is using the wrong products to wash your beard.

Your beard hair is completely different to the hair on your head. The skin beneath your beard is also different from the skin on your scalp.

Therefore, it is essential that you treat both differently.

Regular store-bought soaps and shampoos contain chemicals that will dry your beard out by stripping the natural oil called sebum from your skin and facial hair.

This will almost certainly cause dryness over-time which will cause irritation to the skin and damage your facial hairs while slowing beard growth. 

Using a quality beard wash, which has been formulated for your beard and the skin beneath it, is important. The ingredients used in a beard wash are designed not to remove the natural oil (sebum) from the skin or beard, which in return will not dry your beard out. 

We recommend our premium beard wash. Our beard wash is a plant based beard wash, full with excellent ingredients like Aloe Aloe Vera Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5. This beard wash will cleanse your beard of any dirt, grime and remove any dead skin cells lurking in your beard. It also contains ingredients that help to add moisture to your beard, leaving it feeling clean and fresh. 

a man touching his beard without any beard grooming mistakes

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3. Using A Beard Straightener 

The third beard grooming mistake is using beard straighteners on your beard.

Beard straighteners have become quite a big topic in the last two years. There are people for and against. Beard Beasts is against.

Why you ask...good question. We are against the use of a beard straightener because the heat that is directly applied on your facial hairs will cause serious dryness to your beard which will damage your man mane over-time. 

When women use hair straighteners on there hair, (the hair on their head, not beards of course), the heat causes the hair to dry up which causes split ends. 

Do you want to walk around with a beard that is dryer than the Sahara Desert which has some serious split ends? Nope, didn't think so. 

Another thing to note, is that most of these cheap beard straighteners you see advertising on Amazon, Facebook and Instagram are not a great quality. Most are sourced cheaply from China.

If you are putting something on your beard, make sure it is high quality. 

4. Beard Trimming Mistakes

The forth beard grooming grooming mistake is beard trimming mistakes.

I see many guys make one mistake over and over again when it comes to trimming their beard.

When it is time to shape your beard, the lines are very important. Therefore, you need to make sure you get them right as there isn't no second chance if you cut too much off.

I see so many new bearded brothers make the same mistake and that beard trimming mistake is trimming far too high on the neck area, just before your jawline.

Bro, that is far too high up.

Trimming your beard that high up on your neck will distort the look of your beard. 

Where you should be trimming up too on your neck is literally above your Adams Apple.

Anything further up, is simply too much my friend. 

Another beard trimming mistake many people make is using poor quality beard trimmers. 

Poor quality beard trimmers tend to pull your hair out rather than trim it and they are usually made with poor quality blades, which leave a terrible cut on your hair tips and this can lead to irritations and itchiness. 

Using high quality trimmers ensure your beard hairs get a clean cut that leaves your facial hair tips in a healthier position.

They also tend to out-last poor quality trimmers by far. 

A high quality beard trimmer is essential for your beard grooming arsenal. 

The beard trimmers I recommend and use myself are the Hatteker Beard Trimmers For Men. The battery lasts for a long time, they are actually comfortable to hold as odd as that may seem, but others I have used in the past were quite bulky. They give your beard hairs a clean cut and don't leave you itching afterwards. 

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