3 Easy Steps For A Great Beard

3 Easy Steps For A Great Beard

It's no secret that beard grooming is very important and makes the difference from a hippy caveman to a sleek gentleman. Beard grooming affects how your beard looks, feels, smells as well as keeping your beard healthy and hydrated.

Without some sort of beard grooming routine, your beard will be in trouble and you will end up looking like some hippy, or Tom Hanks from Castaway (WILSONNNN).

Beard Beasts believe all you need for a proper beard grooming routine are a couple minutes of your morning and these 3 important tools;

And that's it, just these 3 simple grooming products that don't cost huge amounts of money and 3 minutes of your time. 


Step 1: Use A Beard Wash

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Do you really need Beard Wash or is it con? That is a question we get asked often when it comes to beard wash

Let me ask you a question, Would you use shower gel for the hair on your head? No...no you wouldn't.

Why? Because you know shower gel is designed for the skin of your body and not your head hair.

Another question, Would you use hair shampoo on your body? Most likely not unless you ran out of shower gel.

So why would we use head hair shampoo on our beards? 

Now incase you don't understand, I'll explain;

The hair on our heads is different to the hair on our cheeks and chin (the beard). Our beard hair and the skin beneath the beard is much more fragile and sensitive to the hair and skin on our heads. 

Typical store-bought hair shampoos contains harmful and strong chemicals that our head hair can handle but our beard hairs can not, nor can the skin beneath our beards. So what happens? These chemicals strip away the sebum from the skin beneath our beard as well as any oils in our beard hairs.

Once the skin and beard hairs have there natural oils stripped away, there is no moisture, which drys your beard out and causes not only damage to the hair follicles but you will suffer from dry skin beneath your beard, so you'll likely develop beard dandruff and beard itch at the very least.

Your beard growth will drastically slow down as the conditions for beard growth rely on natural oils and hydration, which won't be there no longer due to the chemicals drying your skin out. 

So you see how important a beard wash is?

A beard wash is designed to give your beard a great wash, removing grime, dirt and excess skin cells, just like your store-bought typical head hair shampoos, but beard wash unlike head hair shampoo is designed to not strip your beard and the skin of its natural oils, thus your beard will not dry or get damaged.

Our skin and beard need there natural oils for the beards overall health. A hydrated beard is a happy beard, a happy beard = a healthy beard, a healthy beard = more beard growth brother. 

Step 2: Use A Beard Oil

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Beard oil is the holy grail of your beard. Now most men, get confused with beard oil. They believe it is for your beard hairs, when in fact, it is actually for the skin beneath your beard. Our skin naturally produces an oil called sebum.

When we grow a beard, the skins natural oil sebum gets pulled away from the skin. Meaning, as our beard hairs grow, the sebum gets pulled along with the beard hairs, leaving no sebum or very little sebum left on our skin.

This causes the skin beneath your beard to dry out, making the skin unhealthy. This is what causes problems like beard itch, skin irritation, beardruff (aka dandruff), rashes and so on. 

Beard oil is designed to replace that natural oil our beard hairs pull from our skin. Beard oil will deeply hydrate your skin, so you don't suffer from dry skin and the possible problems that come along with dry skin. 

A big reason why we should prevent dry skin under our beards is that dry skin, slows down beard growth and makes the beard unhealthy.

If the skin doesn't have the oils and nutrients it needs, then beard growth slows down and the beard hairs, lack nutrients as they grow. 

Therefore, it is essential that every bearded brother has a high quality beard oil in his arsenal. 

We would Recommend Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil. You can read our Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil Review by clicking here

Step 3: Use A Beard Balm

So, of course you want to make your beard look on point, well there is no better product for that than a beard balm. 

Beard balm is an amazing multi-purpose beard product. They provide great deep conditioning properties, which will soften your beard hairs by penetrating your beard hair strands, supplying the beard hair with all kinds of awesome natural minerals and vitamins, due to the nutty butters and essential oils beard balms contain.

Another great perk of a high quality beard balm, is because the main ingredients are usually nutty butters and beeswax, they are thick in consistency, meaning you can apply some style to your beard. So all them stray hairs that stick out the side of your beard, can be managed much better by a beard balm. 

If you have a beard that is naturally curly/wavy, a beard balm will help you tame the waves and curls by deep conditioning the hair, which will help them relax and straighten out. 

So a good beards-men will always have a quality beard balm in his arsenal also.

We would recommend Honest Amish Beard Balm. You can check-out our very popular Honest Amish Beard Review by clicking here.

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