Awesome Beard Styles For Men in 2021

Awesome Beard Styles For Men in 2021

Looking for awesome beard styles?

It is no secret that women love a man with a beard which is most likely because beards are seen as masculine and sign of power.

A recent survey suggests women find a man who rocks facial hair more attractive. 

So guys, if you aren't already rocking some form of a beard, then you best get growing!!

As women find a beard a sign of masculinity and power, this is most likely one of the reasons as to why so many leading male roles in films and tv shows are played with people who rock an awesome beard, Chris Hemsworth playing Thor comes straight to mind. Leonardo Dicaprio in Revenant is another that comes straight to my mind also, Tom Hardy usually rocks a beard in his films. 

In the last 10 years, beard styles have got bigger and bigger with each passing year.  Why? Well let's face it, beards are totally awesome. 

In the last 5 years, beards have even become acceptable within the professional world. 

Now what goes into growing and maintaining a glorious beard? 

Because let's face it, many men can grow a beard but not many can grow an outstanding beard. 

The beard styles we are going to show you below are certainly outstanding and glorious, but how did they manage to grow such beardiful beards? 

The answer is they put time and a lot of effort into them. 

Starting from your diet, if you eat crappy greasy foods, your beard will most likely reflect that. Eating a healthy-balanced diet will help supply your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. 

Keeping in good shape is also beneficial as weight training increases your testosterone levels which is connected to beard growth. 

Using quality beard products is vital for growing a glorious beard. When growing or maintaining a beard, its health is essential. The most common bearded problems every bearded man will likely face is dry skin, beard itch and flaky skin (dandruff).

By using a high quality beard oil made from all natural ingredients, this will help promote a healthy beard that will prevent these common problems occurring. If the beard and skin beneath the beard are healthy, you will promote healthy beard growth and be on your way to growing an awesome beard. 

*Please note we do not hold any rights to the photos below, the rights to these photos belong to their rightful owners*


Here are some Awesome Beard Style For Men In 2021 for Inspiration:  

beard styles for men 2020
beard styles for men in 2020

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Photographer:  @lulu.lifestyle_ Model: @farmlife.germany
beard styles for men in 2020
beard styles for men in 2020

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Photographer:  @thomasdphotographs Model: @xavierfabbroni

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